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SEABRIDGE joins First Gen in constructing Offshore LNG Facilities for Luzon Energy Grid

The scope of Seabridge Port Agencies Corp's marine services extends beyond vessel entry/exit clearances, encompassing port construction both onshore and offshore, while First Gen Corporation's Interim Offshore Terminal Project, executed by McConnell Dowell, including the construction of a Multi-Purpose Jetty and Onshore Gas Receiving Facility, plays a pivotal role in accelerating the introduction of LNG into the Philippines, ensuring energy security and benefiting local communities.
SEABRIDGE joins First Gen and McConnell for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Offshore Project

Seabridge Port Agencies Corp (HQ) scope of marine services are not only limited to vessel entry/exit clearances, general husbandry and crew changes but also covers the range of port construction (onshore-offshore).

FGEN LNG Corporation (FGEN), a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Gen Corporation (First Gen) involved the expertise of McConnell Dowell to build and deliver the Interim Offshore Terminal Project (IOT Project) within the parameters of First Gen Clean Energy Complex in Batangas LNG Terminal, Philippines.

Under the service agreement, McConnell Dowell undertakes the engineering, procurement and construction of both the Multi-Purpose Jetty and Onshore Gas Receiving Facility which serves as a permanent modification of the standing liquid fuel jetty (constructed by the aforementioned in 1998). The Multi-Purpose Jetty is located adjacent to the existing jetty and is capable of receiving liquid fuel carriers, LNG carriers, FSRU and FSUs.

Upon completion, the accelerated introduction of LNG into the country, servicing the natural gas requirements of current and forthcoming gas-fired power plants in the Philippines will be made possible by First Gen’s IOT Project.

The IOT Project plays a significant role in providing several benefits to local communities and ensuring the energy security of the Luzon Grid and the Philippines, as a whole. Hence, an energy infrastructure of national significance.

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