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FGEN LNG partners with SEABRIDGE for authorizations in Subic & Batangas Bay

Seabridge Port Agencies Corp, appointed by FGEN LNG Corporation, facilitated the ship-to-ship operations of the Floating Storage and Regasification Unit "BW Batangas" within Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Port, where it received a cargo of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) from the "LNG Manhattan." After successful operations, Seabridge arranged the necessary clearances for BW Batangas to depart Subic Bay and return to its home port, Batangas Bay, as part of FGEN LNG's effort to introduce LNG imports to the Philippines amidst depleting indigenous sources.

Seabridge Port Agencies Corp was appointed by FGEN LNG Corporation (FGEN LNG) as Charterer’s ship agent for the Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) “BW Batangas” for the ship-to-ship (STS) operations within Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Port (SBMA). BW Batangas received Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) cargo from LNG carrier “LNG Manhattan”. The former vessel entered SBMA territorial waters last 15 Aug 2023 under the filed entry clearances of Seabridge, then actual operations ensued the following day. After the conclusion of STS operations, Seabridge filed exit clearances where BW Batangas was given authorization to depart Subic Bay and return to its home port in Batangas Bay.

The BW Batangas is chartered by FGEN LNG from BW LNG, which is part of the BW Group of Companies.  FGEN LNG is a subsidiary of First Gen Corporation, which is one of the biggest independent power producers and the leading gas power generation company in the Philippines with approximately 2,000 MW in operating gas assets.

The aforementioned vessel forms part of FGEN LNG’s Interim Offshore LNG Terminal Project. This project plays a significant part in introducing LNG imports to the Philippines as indigenous source faces depletion in the near future.

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