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Converge, HUAWEI, & SEABRIDGE Transform Connectivity in Nusantra Explorer’s Cable Laying Project

The Nusantara Explorer project, led by Converge ICT and Huawei Marine, in collaboration with SEABRIDGE Port Agencies Corp., is revolutionizing internet connectivity in the Philippines through the installation of undersea fiber optic cables in key sites across the country.

The Nusantara Explorer cable laying project, led by Huawei Marine, in collaboration with SEABRIDGE Port Agencies Corp., PT Era Nusantara Jayamahe, and Converge, is set to revolutionize internet connectivity in the Philippines.

The project is part of the PHP 6 Billion investment of Converge ICT in its second phase of the Converge Domestic Submarine Cable Network (CDSCN), which aims to install fiber optic cables across strategic locations in the country for the cohesive interconnectivity of major islands to the Converge National Fiber backbone.

Given the growing demand for high-speed internet services across the Philippines, the project carries a pivotal role in bridging the digital divide in the country. By investing in cutting-edge fiber optic cable infrastructure, such demand is set to be met. This initiative will not only enhance the quality of life for Filipinos but also create opportunities for economic growth, education, and innovation.

Through their integral role, SEABRIDGE Port Agencies Corp. contributed significantly to the success of this transformative initiative, ensuring efficient logistics and operations throughout the project duration. With the Nusantara Explorer project, the future of connectivity in the Philippines looks brighter than ever.

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