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SEABRIDGE carries a strong inventory of solutions for all your shipping needs — with capabilities in both onshore and offshore services.

Integrated Port Agency Services

From discharging and loading operations to husbandry, bunkering, and brokerage services, we leverage our expertise and advanced technology to ensure the smooth and efficient handling of your vessel.


We offer efficient discharging operations for heavy lift and semi-submersible vessels, ensuring safe and timely cargo unloading with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced teams.


We handle loading operations with precision and care, minimizing downtime and risks through advanced loading techniques and strict safety protocols.


Our comprehensive husbandry services cover all aspects of vessel management, providing timely and cost-effective solutions for crew welfare, port formalities, cargo handling, and more.


We provide top-quality fuels and lubricants that meet industry standards through our bunkering services, delivered promptly and efficiently while adhering to strict safety protocols and minimizing pollution risks.


Seabridge Integrated Port Agency Services

Offshore Services

Our SEABRIDGE Port Agencies Corp. (SPAC) Offshore Department handles services beyond the shore, showcasing our strength in coordinating government permits and offshore logistics, with coverage of general liaison activities for all requirements in offshore projects.

Our Offshore Capability


We provide comprehensive support in processing government permits, including MARINA permitting, to ensure compliance with regulations.


We offer a full range of port construction services, from feasibility studies to construction and commissioning, ensuring high standards of safety and efficiency.


We work with advanced technology and equipment to enable safe and precise underwater cable laying for a wide range of industries


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